Auto Repair Shop: What Could Go Wrong with Your Car’s Engine?

Engine troubles are always bad news for any driver. They mean long hours spent in diagnostics and troubleshooting. Your vehicle’s engine consist of hundreds of parts that fail. But finding a trustworthy auto repair shop will provide you with the peace of mind you need in such moments. Still, this post will give you some hints of the most common engine issues:

  • Overheating. Your engine could overheat due to the insufficient quantity of coolant. When its level is too low, you will have to turn to a reputable mechanic to re-charge it. He will also check for a leaking radiator cap and replace it if necessary. If you see smoke coming out of your hood, there could be one thing you should do, inspect your car’s cooling system. The cooling fan could fail because of a faulty thermostat or wiring. So, do not neglect your coolant and get it inspected professionally on a regular basis.

  • Lubrication problems. Every machine invented by a human being needs occasional lubrication in order for its moving parts to work well and efficiently. The lack of enough lubrication means prematurely wear and tear and fast breakdowns. So, you have to check the level and the quality of your car’s oil as often as possible as contamination could happen. If you skip this important step, your engine will suffer some serious issues resulting in expensive repairs and replacements.

  • Detonation. Many drivers experience unpleasant problems when they are starting up their cars. If there is an abnormal combustion in the combustion chamber and the fuel ignites unevenly, there will be a sudden rise in the cylinder pressure. This problem can be easily fixed by a professional and trained mechanic.

  • Misassembly issues. This kind of failure can be caused by incorrect engine bearing clearances. If they are too loose or too tight, they will lead to excessive clearances. Also, another culprit to blame is insufficient valve-to-piston clearances. If you overlook them, you will experience engine misalignment and an eventual breakdown.

When you need an auto repair shop with a long-standing reputation in the Poultney, VT area, pay us a visit. Doran Auto Repair is the place you call ”your own”. We are available at (802) 345-2252.


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